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 About us

Service Team of us are supporting all around bangkok branches @walking street,fashion mall,departmentstore,travel agency and many many more.you can visit us and take our service surround you with the best heart, always
    Smart terminal [ intel ]are the experters team of new technology who serve all customers with the new gen of services-an on line service,not just buying somthing on the social media,but you customer can realy get our services real time on line-with our cute operators who was called that"service controler" who makes the
conversation,ask for you need and serve you immediately what you want . Even if we've never met-but you will feel like we were close to you and so care about you.
    Our services are so usefull and impacted with social now a day,such as ID photo print we call"IM" service that you can get any id photoor any size of
visa photo,you can capture and take you nicest picture by less than 3 minutes [normally it
takes 30 minutes@photo service shop]. Second service we proudly present is "AR"an alive interview resume-the newest way to applying for a job.If you are looking for a new job you don't have to write and wait for calling from a company to meet you anymore,you just walk in to ours kiosk and make an Alive interview resume of you self. That it takes you only 15 minutes,After that you'll get you own interviewing that all talk about you self-as a MP4 clip with a link,no need to download,you can watch it by click a link,and also the companies or organizations you want to apply,they just click a link that you send them-they can see your cover sheet-your contact information ,they can also watch and hear what you talk about your self,in this reason-you can express all you have inside,show how good in english,in chiness,in japaness,your abilities,etc,this mean the real conversation-real interview happened- by you!! how cool it does!?!so let get your good job now!
  There many more about our cool services,we think you can feel it at first met...so
what are you waiting for?come and visit us now.
Many thanks
Team of smart terminal